A Legacy

In homage to my great-grandmother, a generous and remarkable woman, who innately understood how to preserve and perpetuate the creative flame

The materials themselves inspire and create the story. The final piece takes shape by hand, to arrive authentically at that story. The original forms that result reflect the range of interpretation to which the textiles lend themselves.

The path of creation follows those tendencies, until the piece is transformed into a « jewel of space. » Hand-sewn, these jewels or wall ornaments blend the photographic universe and textile art, as the result of inexhaustible themes and the imagination…

This universe, the issue of a permanent entry into the world,
others, and thus to the self, is an unending voyage, as lived
or dreamed, a living tie between past, present and future…

The Creation Process


To intuit the potential of each fabric, which gives shape to a story suspended between reality and imagination. . .


To transform, on occasion, the fabric itself. This step necessitates preparatory work, tools of precision, and infinite patience


Observe the perceived sensations and let the hands work by exploring the possibilities of the used materials


Achieve creation, then it present to the public and let it go live a new story


Marielon is a process, mixing raw materials from the earth (bark, seed, crystals, feathers), and materials transformed by humans (textile, glass, etc.).
Marielon is a permanent voyage between
reality and the imagination.